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John is a charismatic, dynamic and results-driven collaborative sales and operations manager. He consistently made work fun and he has continued to support and encourage me on my career aspirations. In balancing his many responsibilities over the years, John made the time for me. I could always go to him for any challenge I was facing with solution based options-24/7. He is collaborative, creative and always wants to learn. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my sales, management and operational goals without his support. John is a great mentor for a lot a people and I’m also proud to call him my friend. He’s one of a kind!
Lori Salazar Strubhart
Partner at Cicero®| Management Consulting | Financial Services | Business Development
Leadership, Teacher and Coach are all John Ruggles ! We have worked on sales deals, struggled through Projects and have always come out with a solution the customer and the organization is happy with. I would work with John again a million times over as he has the tenacity to get the job completed and win a client for life!
Ron Gherman
Focused on Building Enhanced Marketing Engagement - IOT Market Consultant
John brings enthusiasm and excitement to a room, in person and virtually! I had the pleasure of working with him for the past 17 years and witnessing his energetic and motivational leadership style. He successfully led sales teams from disparate locations, bringing joy and fun even during tough times. He knows how to read the room and people, and when hosting events, his self-confidence brings great entertainment, leaving attendees asking for more. I highly recommend John to any company seeking to make true connections with clients and its employees.
Tonya Fowler, PMP
Global Operational Executive | Chief of Staff | Research Vice President | Solving Business Problems to Help All Succeed!

John is a well-respected senior leader that is results-oriented and vision-driven with a background of strong global achievement. 

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